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The Resource is an excellent first stage introduction to the understanding of Structural Mechanics which deserves to be widely welcomed and certainly should be developed further. How often have I heard someone say that it would have been so helpful to have basic concepts and processes explained clearly to explain what engineering is all about, the application of mathematical methods in the methodology and theory with illustrations of worked examples and, importantly, demonstrations of built structures in the field. This is a modern approach to learning with the opportunity for the student to interrogate the website and interactive involvement. In these difficult times when the curriculum of both teachers and students is crammed and traditional teaching methods stretched, the use of Stempedia and the Resource presented is an excellent opportunity which should receive every support.

Stempedia is a really useful resource, especially for people who have heard of engineering but don’t fully know what’s involved in it. The introductory videos are great at explaining and taking people through the subject. It’s great for people at school or in university to learn about and there’s a wide range of topics available, additional spreadsheets for more information and the worked examples are well thought out and explained too. There’s a lot of useful information covering a wide range too, from the materials used, to different examples of structural frames, for buildings and for things like cranes too. A very useful resource that for both people entering the field and also those who have been working in it.

Being able to access spoken explanations and interpretations of specific curriculum topics to supplement text books has the potential to be very helpful to students. Stempedia could become a great student friend!
I understand the intention is to address specific Higher subject elements by their curriculum index references and this will ensure Stempedia is fully synchronised to the subject syllabus. If so, this guarantees ease of use for both the student and the teacher.

Creating a goto Stempedia site for even one Higher subject will be a major undertaking but we hopefully can convince Scottish Education that each will bring the applied experience and learning of professional engineers directly to the classroom and serve to illustrate subject application thereby demonstrating purpose. The latter not always obvious to students.
Worth paying for.

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